The idea of a persistent, habitual reading practice is something a number of people aspire to. For some it is a lifelong habit—something they’ve been doing and will always keep doing.

The reasons people commit to a reading habit can be manifold and sometimes go beyond a whim or compulsion; some read because they must, some find reading an antidote to boredom, some read because of a palpable curiosity within them—intellectual or otherwise, some read to obtain direct knowledge of things they may never own, places they may never see, characters they will never be, some read to be informed; dispel rumors, some to remember, some to forget, some to go to a period or place in time…

Whether shaping or updating views, discovering things, consuming stories, developing intellect, widening out, increasing knowledge or just testing the waters —whatever one’s readerly intentions or incentives— reading could be a starting point to a lot of other things.


“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.” ― Flaubert


Aspiring readers may, at some point in the course of reading, come to develop a feeling that their reading can no longer be directed by whim, be haphazard or irregular, that it needs to be scheduled, targeted and perhaps focused.

Our objective is to strengthen individual resolutions to maintain a steady reading habit. This is why we’ll carefully select four books for each month — at least three weeks before the month — for readers anywhere aspiring to maintain a steady personal reading schedule, and hopefully as a firm starting foundation for maintaining a more ambitious individual reading schedule.

The ideal person would be a serious reader with a hard-earned reading reputation, even if self-acclaimed, whose reading habits go beyond whim or pleasure, but is geared toward any number of higher and more meaningful ambitions. We will not—however, refuse to consider a person who  is convinced they can become our ideal reader.

We avoid anyone whose reading tendencies are marred by lukewarm enthusiasm or a selfish predisposition, as this is incompatible with our aim to attempt to be a guild for readers who, personal benefits set aside, are driven by a common purpose–to read books on a regular, consistent manner and embrace critical engagement, we provide a community binded to that purpose.

For those that value the sort of help that this kind of community offers, we have a group to which you can request an invite to.

We also curate the Readers on Reading project, it’s third edition is slated for release in January 2020. See: Previous Editions

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